Clinical Hypnotherapist and Complementary Practitioner

MCH   DHP   Dip. PLR   Dip. CBT Coaching   MPLTA   GHR Registered   CNHC Registered.

Joanna Shairp Therapies Home

Welcome to my website. I hope you will find information which is helpful, insightful and even transformational. Using hypnotherapy and other complementary therapies, I can help you with many issues. These include:

My relaxation techniques have immediate and profound effects. Clients have found that stresses become manageable, confidence increases and they adopt a much more positive and assertive attitude to life. I am here to help you change and move forward with your life. I can help alter any limiting perceptions and emotions around past events, which may be affecting your current life and relationships. In short:

‘Internal harmony creates physical well being and new positive realities for your life.’

Cancer Care

I am particularly interested in working with cancer patients. There is increasing evidence that hypnotherapy works very well in helping with the side effects of chemotherapy, increasing the patient’s self esteem and energy levels, and in boosting the immune system.

I am a hypnotherapist and complementary practitioner working in the Tunbridge Wells area.
Please come and see me at my clinic. I practise in the Tunbridge Wells area. Contact me by Telephone or Email:

Telephone: 01892 784965
Mobile: 07799 661575